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Fragile Thunder: One Afternoon Long Ago


Fragile Thunder: One Afternoon Long Ago (2019)

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Alena Lauren, Stephen Inglis, and David Gans are musical children of the Grateful Dead: this means we are fans of a formidable book of original songs, devotees of collective improvisation, and strong believers in honest live performance. We compose our own music, we interpret songs from a great variety of musical sources, and we allow our performances to construct themselves to the greatest extent possible. We practice the art of musical conversation, and we conduct that discourse in our own voices as opposed to mimicking the styles and sounds of others.

Fragile Thunder is a collaboration among musical friends who share a love for this great American musical form. We have performed in various pairings in recent years, and we are setting out to create a new and unique acoustic take on the music of the Dead.

1. St Stephen (Hunter-Garcia-Lesh) 14:04
2. Dark Star (acoustic) (Grateful Dead) 23:51
3. Dark Star (electric) (Grateful Dead) 34:32
4. Jacqueline (David Gans) 3:28

Stephen Inglis: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals
Anela Lauren: Celtic harp, vocals
David Gans: acoustic guitar, vocals
Robin Sylvester: bass

Recorded April 23, 2018 by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Sound, Oakland CA
Mastered by Dave Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Boulder CO
Cover painting by William Giese
Package design by Darrin Brenner

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