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David Gans: The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best


The Ones That Look the Weirdest Taste the Best (2008)



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“…this is in fact a very lovely, fairly pure folk-rock album, and perhaps David Gans finest recorded hour to date…”  –Dennis Cook, Jambase

Produced by Tim Carbone

David Gans – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, special guitar, vocals
Tim Carbone – violin, baritone violin, drums, harmonica, special violin, prepared piano, fire extinguishers, harmony vocal, background vocals
John Skehan III – mandolin, special mandolin, piano, background vocals
Andy Goessling – autoharp, banjo, acoustic guitar, ukulele, clarinet, bass clarinet, 12-string guitar, National steel guitar, baritone saxophone, background vocals
Zac Matthews – mandolin, harmony vocal
Buck Dilly – electric guitar, lap steel, pedal steel guitar, tremolo guitar, organ
Robert Matarazzo – harmony vocal
Johnny Grubb – string bass
Lindsey Horner – string bass
Paul Knight – bass
Ned Stroh – drums, bowed cymbal

Shove in the Right Direction (David Gans-Lorin Rowan) • Down to Eugene (Jim Page) • An American Family (David Gans) • That’s Real Love (Gans-Skehan-Carbone-Goessling-Grubb) • Save Us from the Saved (David Gans) • The Bounty of the County (David Gans-Rita Hurault) • Echolalia (David Gans) • Headin’ Home Already (David Gans) • Autumn Day (David Gans) • Like a Dog (Robert Hunter-David Gans) • It’s Gonna Get Better (David Gans)

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