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About David Gans

Musician • Author • Singer/Songwriter • Radio Producer 

Author of the definitive book on the evolution of The Dead.

David's Official Biography

David Gans delivers literate, improvisational folk-rock with looping in a “solo electric” setting. A solo Gans show is likely to consist of several elements: country-blues-style fingerpicking; loop-based improvisations created live in the moment; sweetly-sung ballads, original or borrowed; Grateful Dead songs reinterpreted to suit his voice and guitar; wry observations of the music-festival subculture and the larger world; soulful and passionate political commentary; favorites from the folk-rock canon of the last 50 years. Mix and match – it’s never the same show twice, but it’s always worth a listen.

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David Gans uses Jim Dunlop guitar strings and thinks you should, too
David’s main touring guitar is a Renaissance RS-6, by Rick Turner! Not a custom instrument – you could own one just like it!

None of this was planned. David never set out to become a professional Deadhead or a DJ. Another page he took from the Grateful Dead book was this model of improvising your own life, and staying open to a serendipitous build-up of events and circumstances that led David on his path.