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The Bounty of the County

David Gans and Rita Hurault

I can’t live the way I did
When I was an immortal kid
The things that I ingested were a crime
All that sugar, starch, and lard
Were makin’ my aorta hard
And I’d prefer to live a long, long time

So on market day in our home town
We rise and shine and head on down
Where the families and the farmers meet and thrive
Because we’re taking nature’s course
We get it fresh right from the source
Where the bounty of the county comes alive

We’ll have Yellow Finn potatoes
And some fat heirloom tomatoes
I think the ones that look the weirdest taste the best
I’ll buy fish while you go
Look for English peas for Hugo
And then we’ll shop together for the rest


Nature has her reasons
So we’ll eat our foods in season
And I will be more vocal
‘Bout thinking global, eating local

Peaches are all done, by gosh
But soon we’ll have Kabocha squash
The leeks and yams are lookin’ mighty good
Now darlin’ don’t be bummin’
You know those figs are comin’
And honey from the bees in the hood

Cherries won’t be back til June
But pomegranates are comin’ soon
The winter greens are sweeter when it’s cold
We keep our diet balanced
Because healthy life’s a challenge
But its many pleasures can’t be oversold


© 2007 Whispering Hallelujah (BMI)