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Desert Of Love

David Gans

My ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband was questioning my paradigm
Guess he hadn’t been told the new bones in her cauldron were mine
I was her man of the future til her past came around
It was hell when she took off her spell but I’ve finally come down

She’s got beauty and talent and brains and a problem with men
And I knew she’d be too much too soon, but I couldn’t say when
Her rewrites of history read like a myst’ry to me
While her bed in my bedroom still points to some permanency

She was sure that she wanted me once, but she’s sure now she don’t
And I’m sure I’ll forget her someday but I probably won’t
She’s a female Don Juan; with a wave of her wand I was gone, gone, gone
And that snake that lived next to my heart said it’s time to move on

She did what she had to to get what she needed from me
I got what I wanted until I was no longer free
She made sure I was deeply involved, then dissolved in the air
In the desert of love she’s the girl who was not really there

Narcissistic cathexis is my ex’s pathology
She hooks ’em and crooks ’em and cooks ’em with impunity
I’m damned if I am and I’m damned if I’m not
And damned if I wouldn’t jump back in her pot
‘Cause I’ve seen what’s behind all her masks and her potions
The Parallel Girl’s perpendicular motion
I’ll reach for the truth in her voodoo and juju and jive
And convince her that men are enjoyed best when taken alive