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An American Family

David Gans

My name is Ellis Andrews and I know just where I stand
Descended from the Puritans who colonized this land
There’s an old abandoned fact’ry with our name up there in bricks
I’ve been sending out my resumes and hoping something sticks

The power of tradition is the power of trusting fate
To hand me some good fortune when the hour is getting late
But work has not been steady since the dot-bust of ’01
And the fear of disappearing is pre-empting all my fun

My name is Ellis Andrews and I’ve always done my chores
I’m the hero of my movie just like you must be in yours
Twenty years since graduation I’m still searching for my groove
And an outlet for my skills when the economy improves

My name is Mary Andrews and I’d like to keep my home
But we can’t afford our mortgage on my salary alone
This family’s failing fortunes may be more than I can take
I am married to a decent man who cannot get a break

My name is Elvis Android and I don’t care what you think
My most-unanswered prayer is, Beam me up! This planet stinks!
The power of tradition is the power to prevent
When genocidal profit is the task to which you’re bent
When my optimism falters I just turn on Channel Two
To wallow in nostalgia for a life I never knew
My fathers’ fathers’ fathers made a mess out of this place
If I had the wherewithal I’d checkered-flag the human race

© 1996 Truth and Fun, Inc. All rights reserved.